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“This is a test to see if your mission in this life is complete, if you are alive, it isn’t.” ― Richard Bach

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My name is David Fitzpatrick… I’m approaching 54 years old, I am fortunate to be married to an amazingly supportive, loving and talented woman with whom I’ve celebrated 20 years of marriage to, I am father to two amazing kids and I have AFib (I used to say suffer from AFib, but not anymore.).

I am an AFib Health, Wellness and Fitness Coach, an AFib Health Advocate, a Personal Development / Fitness / Ski / Nutrition / Yoga junkie, and now an author and speaker and vegan. I have more than 29 years of sales, marketing, project management, small business development and management experience, and I currently function as Sr. Vice President of Sales for an engineering and manufacturing company.

There is the expression that life is what happens to us when we are making other plans…

Almost four (4) years ago I was diagnosed with “Chronic Stress Induced Cardiac Arrhythmia and Atrial Fibrillation”. This was apparently my body’s way of telling me that 25 years of using stress, anxiety, adrenaline and caffeine to be better at my job was not healthy or sustainable.  Really? Who knew… right?

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While the diagnosis was terrible at the time, I chose the more difficult path of trying to address my condition as naturally as possible. I took ownership of it… I had most likely had a hand in causing it… so I would be the one to deal with it (with the input and support of my doctors, though).  No one had told me that I had to be an Obsessive-Compulsive-Perfectionist-Control Freak… I had been that way since the second grade. I (perhaps naively) felt that if I had been responsible for causing my AFib, that I would take responsibility for the healing. After all, I was still young(ish), and there was a lot I had yet to do in life. Still no grand children, and a too many things left on the bucket list. What had I done?

If you have been through this site or know me, by now you know that I have radically changed the way I operate as a physical entity… a pretty extreme lifestyle upheaval, changing what I eat, how I sleep, how I exercise, my nutrition and supplementation, as well as how I function in the most critical relationships in my life.

In the last three and a half years, I have also had to completely create a new “Personal Operating System”. The old one was outdated, with a host of flawed and corrupted code (aka character flaws, defects and emotional short comings). I am now a new version of me… the latest release… I am now “David 3.6” by my own estimation, as I am upgrading my software constantly!  It was absolutely essential that I change the way I perceive, interpret and interact with the world around me, and function in the relationships most valuable to me.

I have been a relentless advocate of personal development and self-exploration since an early age, probably even before I knew what it was… and I have always had a restless curiosity about myself. I always wanted to know how I could better myself, and as time passed I sought to consciously evolve and grow to reach my full potential in this lifetime, and to explore how my philosophical and spiritual perspectives could lead me to a place of effortless personal improvement.

Along the way, I have been blessed to work and train with some influential mentors and coaches who have helped guide me forward on my path over the years. But, we also learn some of our greatest lessons from the never ending trials, challenges and tribulations that life presents us, from our tyrants and tormentors, and from our own mistakes and failures.

The time has come for me to return the favor and to pass it forward on a conscious and intentional level.  My health crisis and the process of dealing with that over the last three and a half years has, at a most profound level, helped me uncover my purpose in this lifetime.  The time has come to take the knowledge and insight I have discovered and pass it forward on a conscious level… to help others with what I have learned and what has worked so well for me.

As we move through life, we are constantly creating new groups of friends at every stage, and the tribe we are a part of changes where we are in life, what we are doing with our life.

“The bond that links your true family is not one of blood, but of respect and joy in each other’s life. Rarely do members of one family grow up under the same roof.”

My tribe has changed dramatically in the last 36 months, and I now have people in my life that I suddenly cannot imagine not knowing.  How cool is that??!! And this circle of like-minded souls expands everyday. In it’s simplest terms, The Law of Attraction says that “Like attracts Like”, and that “we attract what we think about”. The great part is that most of them have appeared in my life precisely when I needed to meet them or learn from them or share with them.  Perhaps that’s how you found this site, and me, and are reading this now.  Pretty cool.

It has been an astounding and remarkable three and a half years, and I have awakened to the realization that I must share what I have learned with others who still suffer from AFib and are frustrated and don’t know what to do; or those who are similarly wired Type A-obsessive-compulsive-perfectionist-control freaks who have the same propensity to self-destruct as I have.


I would be honored to share your journey with you, whether you are coping with AFib, are a business professional who is on the verge of flaming out or if you want to engage in coaching to help shift your perspective on things and learn how we can create a more Perfect Life. I am here to share the lessons of my life with you, and its always good to have like-minded company on this ride we call life.

 David J Fitzpatrick

April 2017


2 thoughts on “Who I Am…

  1. Dave!!!!
    I’m so proud of you! Great website and information! I’m excited for you and look forward to watching where it all goes. We ARE kindred spirits. I will pass along.
    You inspire me!
    Congratulations and my best wishes!
    Julie Bannar

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