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Like more than 30 million people around the world, I suffer from Atrial Fibrillation… otherwise known as AFib.

The purpose of this blog site is provide information, support and hope for fellow suffers of AFib who wish to deal with their condition through diet, exercise, nutrition and other natural / holistic means and avoid having to have an invasive procedure to attempt to correct their irregular heart rhythm.

In July 2013 I was diagnosed with chronic stress induced cardiac arrhythmia and atrial fibrillation…  Ultimately, this was my body’s way of telling me that 26 years of using stress, adrenaline, anxiety and caffeine to be better at my job was bad for me.

This diagnosis, and everything that has followed since, has ultimately been a strange blessing in my life.

The paths of treatment were laid out for me, and I could not bring myself to consider the intentional creation of scar tissue on my heart in the hope of disrupting my irregular heart beat.  While I was in pretty bad shape (I’ll get into that later), the testing I underwent gave me some good news… that there was no structural damage to my heart or its valves.  It had become weak, and strained, and inflamed, and enlarged, an my Ejection Fraction (EF) was extremely low at 25, but once I found out that my heart was in theory not damaged, and could heal, I chose my own path.

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This path was a radical reinvention of who I was and how I operated, what I did, what I ate, how I slept and how I processed the world around me. I consumed everything I could read on the subject…. articles, websites, posts, medical studies on the results of nutritional support for all elements of my cardiac health and recovery, etc. There was some helpful information out there, but not enough. The last 40+ months for me have been a work in progress, a well-intentioned experiment, if you will.

This is a scary diagnosis… make no mistake.  I may not be able to avoid having an invasive procedure forever, but if I can put it off for another 10 or 15 years and live a HIGH QUALITY LIFE in the meantime, then perhaps the procedure will evolve, become more refined, and have a much higher success rate than it currently does.

My cardiologist is pleasantly stunned at my results. I am now off all medications except the anti-arrhythmic drug I take (no side effects at all with that), I am NOT in AFib, and am now scheduled to see my cardiologist and electrophysiologist annually, not twice a year or more.

I am not a doctor, nor make no claims of any kind… I know what I have done for myself in the last 40+ months, I know how I feel, I know what my doctors think, and I know what the people around me think. I know that the quality of my life now is completely amazing. I push myself hard during daily workouts and my libido is back to what it was when I was 30. I sleep soundly, and I have not felt those rabid squirrels chasing each other around in my chest for a long, long time.

Please join me on this healing journey through life with AFib, and let me show you what I have done to not only reclaim my life, but begin living it better and enjoying it more than ever.

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