Fitness Programs

The first and most powerful step I took in dealing with my AFib diagnosis (and it was not a good diagnosis by any stretch of the imagination), was in choosing to take personal responsibility for having caused it… to take ownership of it, which empowered me to work from a place of strength and personal power, and most importantly, did not let me feel like a victim, or to feel powerless in the face of my new chronic condition.


Making the decision to become really fit for the first time in a long time was a pivotal part of my transformation from being an AFib sufferer to someone who is literally thriving with AFib.  Granted, I had to start slow (it’s a lifetime marathon, not a sprint), but starting was it’s own reward. Once I started, and started to see results, and more importantly, FEEL results, I knew I was on the right path, and there was no turning back.


It isn’t rocket science, but things that have the power to transform us at a fundamental level can feel like it when you have drifted so far off the road that you can’t imagine how you got there. Diet, daily exercise, nutritional support, self awareness and a positive mental attitude are the foundations of a healthy body, a health mind and a healthy life. Unfortunately, we humans have a near infinite capacity to rationalize what we want or what we feel we need, and at the same time turn a blind eye to what we know we should be doing.

Over the last 50+ months, I have utilized an array of home fitness programs from Beachbody as a part of regaining my health, vitality and energy, as well as yoga, a disciplined lifestyle and a clean diet. The Beachbody programs literally provide something for everyone… regardless of your whether you used to be strong and fit and athletic or whether you have never felt that you could be as healthy as you want to be.


In the last 50+ months I have lost more than 45 lbs… my Ejection Fraction has increased from a frighteningly low 25 when I was diagnosed with A Fib to a completely normal 60+ (talk about some stunned doctors!!)… I sleep better, I feel like I am 25 years younger, and I am now truly living life and thriving, not just existing.

I would be honored to support you with this part of your Health and Wellness regimen. As someone who has fought the daily fight one step at a time, one day at a time, for the last 50+ months, and as a Beachbody Coach, I am in a position to support you in this part of your healing process. If you have any questions, feel free e-mail me, private message me on Facebook or Twitter or Instagram… whatever you like. As a Team Beachbody Coach, I am here to provide support and inspiration. And as someone who is dealing with a chronic health condition as well, I know that the mental and physical hurdles can seem overwhelming, and that sometimes the hardest thing to do is start.


The shift to a comprehensive Health and Wellness lifestyle encompasses daily exercise, a cleaner diet, eating less crap, etc… essentially, learning to listen to the inner voice that says “I will do this”… “I will not eat this any more”… “I am working out today”, vs. that other inner voice that says “I deserve to sit on the couch every evening”, or “I deserve this [insert indulgence here]” or that we can work out tomorrow.


I am proof that it can be done, that you can change, that you can do more than just manage your AFib, and I promise you will feel better. I am here to help, I know what it to feel that squirrel in your chest, the weight, the fatigue, the depression… and I also know how much better we can make our lives.


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