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I invite you join the AFib Health & Wellness Support Group I have created on Facebook!

 AFib Health & Wellness Support Group

My intention in creating this group is to create a place where people who have a strong desire to manage and control their AFib as naturally as possible would have a place to come, post questions, share their own insights, concerns, victories and experiences.

I believe wholeheartedly in the healing power of a healthy AFib lifestyle, and I also know that it is not easy!  It took years of me being my own researcher and test subject,  of believing that I could solve the riddle of my heart and my AFib, of finding out what made things better, what didn’t help, was also a trigger. Topics will include nutrition, lifestyle, fitness and wellness information, as well as questions raised within the group.

As with the rest of this website, the Facebook group is designed to support people who have AFib and are willing to embrace this awful condition and decide that they are going to live a fulfilling life regardless.  Sign up is free, and I’ll also be posting and sharing other information in the group.  Click the link below for more information, or make your way to Facebook

This is not the only AFib support group on Facebook… however, what may set it apart is its focus on dealing with our condition as naturally as possible.  I was driven to deal with my AFib as naturally as possible, and I know that I am not alone in that desire… just as I know that we can accomplish tremendous things when we set our minds to it.

Click the link below and see you on Facebook!

 “AFib Health & Wellness Support Group